Domestic relations attorneys practicing throughout the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Hostetter Strent LLC’s niche area of practice is domestic relations law in all of its forms and degrees of complexity — divorce, property distribution, alimony, custody, and child support. We can assist you at any stage in your relationship — a prenuptial or a domestic partnership agreement, a post-nuptial agreement, or a divorce settlement. We are well versed in all methods of dispute resolution and we are prepared to engage in one or more of these methods to help you achieve your goals.

Divorce often involves one or more of the following concerns: financial security, asset protection, your future relationship with your child(ren), and feelings of loss associated with the end of one of your most important adult relationships. We have the well honed legal experience and empathy to assist you with integrity at a time when you need it the most.

We encourage you to read more about our firm and our attorneys, who are proud to have excellent reputations among the District of Columbia and Maryland legal communities.