The Foundation of the Bar Association of Montgomery County

The Foundation of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, as recommended by its Diversity Committee, awarded Heather Hostetter as a co-recipient,  the Andrew L. Sonner Excellence in Diversity Award for the 2019-2020 year.    The Committee’s recommendation was as follows: Heather Hostetter has been instrumental in trying to ensure that all voices are heard in the Bar Association and in her practice.  She has made it a mission to create a more diverse community.  During her time as President of the Bar Association, she has made it a focus to make sure the committees and the Association represent the diverse nature of our community.  When she began as President, she noted that the association was not diverse enough and something needed to be done.  She attended meetings at specialty bars to bring the community together.  In addition, to her efforts as Bar President, she also is partner at Hostetter Strent, LLC.  During her time there, she has encouraged diverse young lawyers to become engaged in the legal community of Montgomery County, Maryland.  She serves as a mentor to them and encourages them to start conversations about diversity in the legal field in order to ensure that all people are represented.  She has been described by her employees as “being committed to pushing women and minorities into spaces where they would not otherwise be.”